How to Be an Alpha Male Part III: Alpha Male Personality

Welcome to part III of the ‘How to Be an Alpha Male‘ Series!how to be an alpha male

This article will be about the last two ways of important alpha male traits. We already talked about alpha male body language and the way the alpha male behaves in social situations. In case you missed it, click here for part I and here for part II of the ‘How to Be an Alpha Male‘ series.

So let’s dive right into today’s topic. We still have to discuss two pillars of alpha male behavior. Today we will discuss how an alpha male talks and then revisit the alpha male’s confidence and his view of himself.


3. Talk.

How to be an alpha male? One way of becoming an alpha male is talk like one. But how does an alpha male talk? You already got the picture of the alpha male. He’s confident and relaxed. So what does that mean with regards to your talking? Here are some things you should pay attention to:

    • Pitch. Did you ever hear a recording of yourself talking? If so, you probably thought it was awful. Most people don’t like to hear themselves talk. Next time you hear yourself talk, pay close attention to the pitch of your voice. You don’t want to speak in a high pitch which conveys nervousness. But you also don’t want to speak in a monotonous low pitch. Try to vary it a bit, especially when you tell stories. Women love stories and the way you tell them is just as important as the content of the story.


    • Speed. Don’t talk to fast! Take your time. Assume that you have the authority to speak and assume that people respect you and follow your thoughts. There’s no time limit or anything like that. Speaking to fast conveys that you’re afraid of being interrupted. The alpha male has the authority that no one will interrupt him because what he says is important to the group, everyone wants to listen to him. Talking in the right speed also solves many problems you might have with the pitch of your voice.


    • Content: No Bragging! What exactly you’re talking about is not that important. But there is one rule you should always keep in mind: don’t brag. Alpha males don’t brag because bragging is a low-status behavior. It’s like saying “I know that I’m not an interesting person with low self-esteem and it’s boring to talk to me – but look at all the interesting things I have / things I’ve done / people I know – that should make up for it”. Real alpha males don’t brag! If you have a hot girlfriend, that’s nothing special for an alpha. He doesn’t brag about it just as he doesn’t brag about his breakfast: it’s normal for him. I know exactly how hard it is not to brag, but it’s very important that you try to avoid it. If you’re very excited about something, try to talk in a way about it that doesn’t sound like you’re bragging.



4. Be Yourself!


I know, we just talked about this in part II, but it’s so important that I need to stress it again. How to be an alpha male? Be yourself. Be confident. Don’t be ashamed of yourself. Don’t beg people for their approval and treat them with respect. There’s no standard model of the alpha male. There is an infinite number of different types of alpha males. Even though they share various characteristics (for example alpha male body language, as we talked about in part I of the ‘How to Be an Alpha Male’ article series), every alpha male is different in the other aspect of their lives. Not being an average guy is a very important part of being an alpha. So don’t be ashamed of who you are and what you love to do. The alpha male is a social person and he loves to do something with other people. Whether it’s his balett class, his basketball team or his friends at the Star Wars-Fanclub. Being part of social groups is an essential part of being an alpha, no matter what the groups are. So don’t hide your hobbies – however embarrassing you might think they are – but rather talk about your passions and inspire other people. People will look up to people who talk openly about their passions and they will open themselves up to talk about their own passions. So be open and honest when you talk to people and listen to what they say to you.

This was the last part of the ‘How to Be an Alpha Male’ article series. I hope you enjoyed and the articles will help you on your endeavor to become a real alpha man. As mentioned in part I, being an alpha male is a life decision and you certainly won’t become one by just reading an article about it. You have to apply the techniques you learned here in order to become more and more confident and familiarize yourself with social settings.